UPGRADE ME. The Ichthus Nation House Representative Avatar Membership Includes 500 Bonus Digital Gold Rewards

REQUIREMENT: Must be a Passport Member to add Upgrade.

Become a House Representative member today so you can earn daily IchthusCoin rewards through the Ichthus Learn and Earn Program, where you will learn about how the faith community can prepare for the coming days while earning IchthusCoin Digital Gold Rewards Points.

As a Member, you will have access to the House Representative Program to learn the IchthusNation Constitution. COMING SOON: In addition to English, the IchthusNation Constitution will be available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

And as a monthly member you will also have access to the Gold Redemption Program when it opens. You will have the opportunity to redeem your gold rewards points for fractional gold notes if you meet the requirement of the Program. You must be a member at any level for at least 6 months to participate in the coming Gold Redemption Program.

You will receive an email to begin your Membership.

Your House Representative membership provides 500 monthly digital gold rewards points to help you accumulate monthly bonus rewards as well as daily bonus rewards in the Learn and Earn Program available to members.

When you earn the token rewards, we will transfer the coins to your Ichthus Rewards Dashboard (created when you purchased your IchthusCoin mug). Join Ichthus Nation today!


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