Gold Rewards Redemption Program 2026-10,000 Rewards




To participate in the Gold Rewards Redemption Program 2026, you must be a Citizen, Council, Mayor, Governor, House Representative, Senator, or Presidential Cabinet member of IchthusNation with a minimum of 10,000 IchthusCoins in the Corporate Wallet. And as a monthly member you will receive an invitation to the Gold Token Redemption Program when it opens the redemption request window. The opening and closing periods of the redemption request window will be posted. 

You will have the opportunity to redeem your IchthusCoin token bonus rewards held in the Ichthus Corporate Wallet for 24k fractional physical gold notes if you meet the requirements of the Program. You must be a member at any membership level for at least 6 months to participate in the Gold Token Redemption Program.

The Gold Rewards Redemption Program is projected to open in 2026. Now is the time to earn digital gold rewards through the IchthusCoin Bonus Rewards Program including earn and learn rewards, membership bonuses, merchandise bonuses, and referral rewards.

The gold notes will be made available to the member's verified account of record. When the redemption window period closes, please allow 7-14 business days after the creation of your Gold Redemption Account through a third party for the processing of the gold transfer from the Vault to your Gold Redemption Account.

Your Gold Transfer Account will allow you to request physical delivery plus shipping and insurance, liquidate the gold through bank transfer (check, ACH, or Wire), distribute value with a VISA debit card available worldwide through a third party (approval and fees will apply), and or save the gold in the Gold Transfer Account for continued growth.

Please contact a tax professional when redeeming your digital gold rewards to understand any possible tax obligations.

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