Limited Edition Council Avatar Emma IchthusCoin 11 oz White Inspirational Novelty Coffee Mug with QR Code and 100 BONUS IchthusCoin Digital Gold Tokens with Corporate Digital Dashboard and Wallet Account ($75 Value)


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LIMITED EDITION IchthusCoin 11 oz White Inspirational Novelty Coffee Mug with 100 BONUS IchthusCoin Gold Tokens (.144 USD Value per Token) with Corporate Digital Wallet account. Instructions to deposit digital tokens and verify identity are included. 

The mug features a unique QR code that can be scanned with a mobile device to access an AI-powered membership rewards dashboard. The dashboard offers users the ability to earn bonus digital tokens backed by gold.

SEND MUGS AS A GIFT TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Your mugs will be shipped within 5 to 7 business days worldwide.

The Ichthus Corporate Digital Wallet account is now available for your IchthusCoins! Each customer is limited to one verified account per person.

Your Bonus IchthusCoins will now be deposited and held in the Ichthus Corporate Wallet automatically for your convenience and security.

The IchthusCoin is the first faith-based digital gold token minted for IchthusNation. This digital token is backed by physical gold. Ichthus Holdings, LLC will redeem the digital gold tokens deposited in the Ichthus Corporate Wallet for gold certificates upon request of the active Member who meets the requirements of the IchthusCoin Gold Redemption Program. These gold certificates contain physical fractional gold.

If your identity is not verified within 7 days of your purchase of the mug with a state issued driver's license or government issued ID to meet fraud and money laundering regulations worldwide, your bonus IchthusCoin pending deposit will expire and the tokens will be returned to Ichthus Holdings, LLC. However, you will still receive your mug at the purchase price. You must be at least 18 years of age to receive your IchthusCoins.

The IchthusCoin Corporate Wallet is a cold storage digital wallet held by Ichthus Holdings, LLC to securely hold the IchthusCoins offline.

IchthusCoin Corporate Wallet depositors who are active paid Members for at least six months will have access to the IchthusCoin Gold Redemption Program, projected to launch in 2025/2026.

IchthusCoins held in the IchthusCoin Corporate Wallet can be tracked in the depositor’s IchthusCoin Dashboard account and on the public ledger.

The use of this storage service only guarantees the quantity of the tokens held but does not guarantee the value of the token. The depositor assumes all risk.

Ichthus Holdings, LLC and affiliates do not provide financial advice.

You will receive an email with instructions for identity verification, opening your dashboard account, and membership. If you do not receive your email, check SPAM.

INVITATION: When you receive your mug, send a picture of yourself with the mug. We may post your picture on the website.

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